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Raving Fans

“I learned so much today that I will be able to incorporate into my healthy eating habits.  The recipes were so tasty and healthy.  Raquel is a great teacher!”

                                                                                                              V. Harp

“I thought Chef Raquel’s class was delicious and amazing.  It really opened my mind.”

                                                                                                              M. Albelda

“Raquel makes Raw “cooking” easy with simple and delicious recipes.  Easy to follow for those of us just starting on our Raw lifestyle.  Gave me a lot of inspiration to host my own raw dinner partyJ

                                                                                                               K. Kite         

“As a person who started eating Raw foods 4 days ago, this class gave me hope that there is more to Raw than salads.  I really enjoyed the zucchini marinara recipe.  Avocados can be used in everything.  Who knew?”

                                                                                                               M. Paster

“I had a great time & I enjoyed the foods.  Raquel demonstrated expertise and made it fun.”

                                                                                                              J. Khorsand

“Great class!  Would recommend to all my family and friends.”

                                                                                           C. Pisa

“Chef Raquel makes everything look so easy that anyone can do it at home in their own kitchen.  Her view of raw was very realistic and she even gave advice on what to eat in restaurants.”

                                                                                                             G. Amar

“Raquel’s style & presentation make for a great class.”

                                                                                T. Norris

“After taking the raw class I have absolutely no excuse about giving up cheese, noodles or meats.  I was amazed how tasty everything is, yet so healthy & filling!  Thank you Raquel!”

                                                                                                             M. Duran

“Chef Raquel is an inspiring teacher.  She is creative and has a wonderful sense of humor.  She’s delightful and unique.”

                                                                                                             M. Ullett

“The Interaction with the class was great.  Tasting a better way to eat!”

                                                                                                L. Statham

“It really inspired me to do more raw elaborate cooking.”

                                                                                N. Bertholet

“This class was very fun.  We all enjoyed the food and we enjoyed learning easy delicious recipes.”

                                                                                                             K. Murphy

“I thoroughly enjoyed learning the discipline of raw cooking.  Raquel was very knowledgeable in the recipe and ingredient make-up of each dish.  I would highly recommend taking this class.”

                                                                                                             P. Williams

“Raquel is a knowledgeable chef who brings love of raw food to life for everyone.  Recipes are easy and delicious.  Treat yourself – take this class!!  J

                                    C. Inglese

“I really enjoyed the class and learned so much in a short amount of time.  I didn’t know how easy it was to make healthy dishes w/o having to cook all the time.”

                                               S. Dumas

“Very delicious food, and Raquel is very educational in describing the benefits of raw food preparation, including nutrition benefits.  It is a class well worth taking!”


“This class is A-Mazing!  Ms Smith was very informative .  It was an exceptional class.  I learned a lot and can’t wait to “Forget cooking”

               D. Dury


Thirty days I had to avoid the scale, is that possible?; my usual pattern is to  weigh at least once a day.  I am addicted to that scale.  My weight usually fluctuates but recently it has been steadily climbing up.  Can I really lose weight or has my metabolism slow down, Can I really resist temptation and just make healthier choices, Can I really embark on more plant base, raw eating without feeling deprived?  How healthy am I really?

These are the questions that plagued me when I met Raquel four weeks ago.  I was on a 10-day juice fast and was worried that I might not have enough energy to exercise.  I put it out to a health group we were in and she encouraged me that it was indeed possible.  She decided to advise me and be my guide through a 30-day wellness journey.  The plan was to send a weekly menu guide and recipe as well as encouraging me to having a healthy mind through meditation and spiritual connection.  I had to complete a daily Journal, which really fosters a different outlook on life.  Challenges I can overcome, acknowledging my success setting daily goals and priority, as well as being grateful.  I was armed with the necessary food combination and someone that is easily accessible in case I needed clarity

This was a blessing in disguise, my approach was you’re getting the help and support from Raquel and your husband so the least you can do is not let them down, after all the only thing I have to lose is the weight.

The initial week was really filled with perseverance and palette adjustment also letting go and knowing this is for a greater good.  Some of the menu combination, being the usual skeptic, I was like “really Raquel, how that must eat with that”?  I must confess I was pleasantly surprised numerous times while a few I still find challenging.  I deviated from the plan and lapsed into my regular food twice..  but even then, when I started to be down on myself I was encouraged to just accept that I fell off, don’t knock myself because it cause more harm than good and just get right back up.  On my 30-day completion when I finally step on the scale, I lost 10lbs and 2 inches.

Over the weeks even though this for me was originally weight loss, it has progress into determination, humility, strength, acceptance of both my inner strength and physical change in my body.  There is still a lot on my plate as my journey is still ongoing, at times, I am a little scared because the only person now left to be accountable to is myself.  However, I have the requisite foundation, link to website and determination to continue along my healthy journey.  Thanks to my two quiet angels Raquel and my husband, whose support has eased the adversities.               N. Bell

The past 30 days on this wellness journey has been incredible.  I have learned so much and it is my desire to not only practice the things I have learned, but to make them a lifestyle.

 I was eager to embark on this journey because of medical reasons.  My last visit to the doctor showed that I was severely anemic resulting in lethargy and dizzy spells.  The doctor said the condition required a series of shots in order to normalize my blood count.  I refused the shots because I was more open to try a natural approach.  I am happy to report that since I started this journey and completely changed the way I ate, my blood count has increased from 9.7 to 12.7 and my energy level is higher than before.  In addition, I sleep better throughout the night, I also noticed that I no longer have indigestion and acid reflux issues along with being constantly bloated, as was the case before this journey began. 

I am totally excited about the 11 pounds that I have shed over the past weeks allowing me to fit in clothes that could not fit for a very long time.  I marveled at the fact that I was losing weight, yet I was eating foods that were tasty and filling.  Many individuals have commented that I have lost weight and were eager to know what the attributing factor was.  I am pleased with the weight I have lost but most importantly, I feel really good in my body and I am confident that by making this a lifestyle I can eradicate many of these medical issues.              L. Williams

This program is truly a life changing experience.  It is not for the faint at heart, or the indecisive in mind, but for the one that truly wants a lifestyle change.  I started the program with a good knowledge of healthy eating and lifestyle habits and this program opened my eyes even more to many more foods and ways of preparation.  It was both an adventure and learning experience.

Raquel is a great mentor who not just teaches you what to do but she is available to you every step of the way to help you with any obstacle or difficulty you may have.  The weekly call- ins facilitated by her forced me to think of each step of the process and how it was affecting me physically, mentally and spiritually.  It helped to make me more self- aware.  She also gave step-by-step instructions in preparing foods on menu, which were both cleansing and surprisingly at times very delicious.  The menu introduced me to a new way of making many of the foods which were not only more healthy ways but also delicious.

All in all, this 30-day program was a great jump-start to a life changing experience.  I would definitely do it again.

                                                  K. McKenzie

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed this experience.  While it was a little difficult for me at times, it was well worth the commitment.  I saw and felt positive affects within a week.  My energy level was up, I was not so tired after a meal at night and I felt a lot slimmer then when I had started.  My husband and I will be and have been making your meals apart of our weekly menu.  

Thank you so much for this experience.  it has been life changing. 

                                                            R. Walker